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My last of 4 12's, I'm so tired.  Things aren't terrible in here today, some of the procedures that were making me run my ass off have been discontinued, so it shouldn't be as hectic, but I'm just completely burnt.

Have to run again... 
 We went to the Kennedy School for lunch today.  It's a hotel/bar/brewpub and it's totally cool.  It's only a couple miles from our house and we're dying to have friends stay there when they visit us, it's awesome!


Blackberry Pearl and date night

I splurged on a Blackberry Pearl today.  It's cool, and I'm having fun messing with it.  I've managed to transfer pictures and songs to it from my computer and have started assigning ringtones to my friends and family.  I can't figure out how to synch my calendar to my computer and back, and I can't figure out how to set up my hotmail account on there.  I have my yahoo, but hotmail is my primary address.  I'm too tired to keep trying.

We went out to an Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner, it was freaking great.  After we ate, we went up to the hookah bar and had a double apple hookah and Turkish coffee.  st_minutia when you and the hubby come for a visit we're taking you there, lots of vegetarian choices.  We don't need to do the hookah thing, the food is good enough.  

Oh yeah, another thing st_minutia, I finally managed to work out the moo shoo mittens.  I made one fatal error.  When I went to knit #2 I grabbed the wrong needles, so one's bigger than the other.  I do believe I have enough yarn left to make a #3 to match #2.  I'll take pictures soon.  They're cute.

I don't know why

I don't know why I'm writing more, I have nothing new to contribute.  I'm so out of it thanks to those Zyrtec Ds.  It's probably not good that I'm in charge of maintaining people on life support.  Nah, actually it's not that bad, I'm sure I can pull it together long enough to handle emergencies.

I'm a little bummed, Shawn emailed me and told me he's only off Saturday then starts nights on Sunday.  I'm off Saturday-Thursday.  I guess if they offer me some of those $500 days while I'm off I might come in.  It sucks that I don't actually get much money after taxes.

Well, there's a nurse that's pregnant and it's all she can talk about, so I guess I'll leave the room.


Rough night, grouchy day

My ear was bothering me yesterday, the only thing that works are prescription strength decongestants.  Lucky for me I still have some from last winters horrible 3 month bought with bronchitis.  It feels better, but between that and my throbbing knee I got next to no sleep.  So, I'm a crabby ass bitch today.

I have the same assignment as I did yesterday, 8CSICU, I like it, it's fine, the nurses are nice, doctors are approachable, I'm just grouchy and I'm sharing the unit with a really always grouchy person.

I'm happy that it appears for now at least my orientation to peds is on hold!  

gotta run 


Well, I already posted the pics and that pretty much took my entire day.  I did notice however that my knee feels pretty good!  It's really feeling better.  I'm amazed.  How can it go from hurting so bad I cry to feeling pretty close to normal?!?

Getting tattooed always makes me feel sleepy.  It's only 4:30 and I'm ready for bed!

The drive to Eugene was nice.  Good weather going down and just a small amount of rain coming up.  I didn't have any traffic going down, I ended up being 30 minutes early.  I guess that was fine, I'd rather be early.  Going home I only hit traffic  just as I was trying to cross the Willamette river in Portland.  Not too bad.  

Ok, guess that's it.  I can hardly keep my eyes open!


my new tattoo

 It's bloody and swollen and the shading won't look right for about a week.  Not to mention since Shawn's working evenings I had to take the pictures by myself, kind of hard to do when it's on your forearm.  I love it and was shocked when he only charged me $250 (he usually won't touch a portrait for less that $800!  Pays to be friends with the artist I guess).




This is the picture of my dad I'm having tattooed tomorrow.  I'm excited.  The artist is amazing, I'm sure he'll do a great job.  I'll post the tattoo tomorrow.

Nothing really

I made a nice mistake, I'm glad I looked last night before leaving work.  I thought I worked tomorrow then was off Wed/Thurs.  Turns out, I'm off today and tomorrow then work Thurs/Fri.  Yeah!!!  Good thing too because I only had a one day reprieve from the knee pain.  Last night was misery.  Oh well, it was really nice knowing I can be pain free some day. 

I printed out some passive exercises to do for my knee.  I hope they hep.  I was sure the water exercises would help but they didn't.  

Shawn works evenings this week.  I might just walk to the new knitting place I discovered  just blocks from my house after he leaves.  I'm working on a project I don't know if I want to finish.  It's nice because I'm knitting squares with different styles, so it's nice practice but I don't know if I want to make 20 panels of 3 different styles.  I have to knit with two strands so it's using quite a bit of yarn.  I probably will stop after the third square, connect them and make it a little kitty bed.  Gibby loves laying on my knitting projects.  This could be his personal little blanky.

I have a doggie sweater pattern I plan to make it for my friends Boston.  I guess I could work on that too.  No reason I can't have more than one project going at a time.

stolen from AG

Funny, usually that's when I hit a low in my energy and want to take a nap

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