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The journal of an agreeable deviant she-devil

It only gets better

Had a life changing 40th birthday. Divorced my husband of 20 years, bought my own home, got myself a cat and started over. Dated around, but when my best friend left his wife we both realized we wanted to be with each other. We got married October 28, 2006. We bought a house moved in May of 2006, but after getting married, we quit our jobs, went on our honeymoon and the promptly took jobs as travelling respiratory therapists. Our first assignment was Maryland. We spent a year there then did an assignment in Portland, Oregon. We loved it so much, we stayed. Life is so good I never imagined it could be.

I lost my beloved dad Sept. 21 of '05 and miss him every day. Rest in peace daddy!

My husband and I are both crazy for tattoos. I'm currently working on number (I'll leave this blank) as of 2/08 it's over 30.